Abingdon Minor Injury Unit (MIU) is a busy department at Abingdon Community Hospital looking after patients who have injuries such as deep cuts, eye injuries, broken bones, severe sprains, minor head injury, minor burns and scalds. This is a much-needed resource within the local community and can save a potentially more lengthy visit to the Accident & Emergency department at the John Radcliffe, who have to prioritise serious and life threatening conditions.

As well as adults, Abingdon MIU does frequently treat younger patients who have sustained injuries.   

The current facilities  

The children's waiting area is a partitioned corner of the main waiting room that is very sparse with no current children's facilities. Patients can often wait a few hours to be seen, and our younger patients become bored and restless, which can be difficult for their carers, the other patients and leads to more difficult consultations when the child are called to be treated. 


The children's treatment bay is also quite stark, with plain walls with a few groups of tired stickers on them. 

The plan

We are looking to support the Abingdon Minor Injury Unit to improve the children's waiting area and treatment bay by: 

  • Expanding the children's waiting area space by removing a temporary wall 
  • Lay new padded flooring to create a safe environment for our youngest patients
  • Create a bright colourful bespoke mural for the walls in both areas.
  • Install various robust wall mounted interactive toys in the waiting area 

Although mural designs are to be finalised, the team are hoping for a 'day at the beach' theme. This will enable the MIU practitioners to engage with our younger patients asking questions such as 'can you find the red bucket?' or 'how many starfish you can see?'. This not only provides distraction to the patient, but also monitors level of cognition and behaviour patterns in the patients, which is vital for head and musculoskeletal injuries. It also aids our practitioners to engage with the youngsters and put them at ease during their treatment. 

Rachel Caira, Clinical Lead at Abingdon MIU explained how this project can help.

"Children attending the minor injury unit are often scared and unsure of what to expect. By creating a fun, interactive and engaging environment the team at Abingdon Minor Injuries can ensure that children and their families feel relaxed and reassured before they have even begun their consultation. Creating a fun and interactive waiting area will prevent children become bored and disinterested allowing them a safe and interactive space to play and be observed.

This will then follow through to the children's bay in the unit allowing a interactive space which clinicians can use during their consultation to aide their examination all whilst providing a safe and secure environment which puts the patient and their family at ease. This project would allow practitioners to break down barriers, improve communication and reduced anxieties."

Can you support our appeal?

If you are able to help us make this much-needed update to our Abingdon MIU please donate using the button above. Or if you'd like to to take on a challenge and fundraise for our appeal that would be wonderful too! Please do get in touch [email protected] 

If we are fortunate enough to reach our appeal total, then any additional donations will be placed in our Abingdon Hospital fund, helping other charity projects at Abingdon Hospital.