Our award winning Creating with Care programme which works across Oxfordshire's community hospitals is asking patients and staff at Witney Community Hospital,

What makes you smile?

Smile Inside is a project developed in response to Covid-19 by Creating with Care and IID dance company to connect with and support patients at Witney Community Hospital.  The project asks patients to share a story that makes them smile, each story will be recorded and used as a starting point for the creative response.

We are now asking professional artists, staff, and the community for their creative responses to the stories which will be exhibited at Witney Community Hospital this summer.

Creative responses can be in any genre, a painting, sculpture, poem, collage, dance, song or any combination.  All the creative responses we receive will be given to the person whose story inspired the artwork to help put a smile on their faces.  The images below show how this might come to life and make a real difference to the person who has told their story.

If you would like to create a response please contact [email protected]