Where have we come from?

The Oxford Health Charity has existed alongside the Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust for many years and have incorporated other charitable funds as the NHS Trust has grown its services.  To find out more about how the charity is structured, look at our Governance pages.  Active fundraising and engagement with wards, services and teams has taken place mostly under the radar of the local community up to now.

What have we been doing this year?

In summer 2018, I was appointed as a new member of the Trust with responsibility for increasing awareness and engagement with the Oxford Health Charity (as well as Trust volunteering and community engagement).  The last year and a bit has been focused on raising the profile of the charity internally, developing a new brand and approach for the charity to re-launch it in the local community and looking at how the charity can best support the Trust with appeals, fundraising activities and projects.  One of the successes of the year, was winning a Transform Foundation grant to develop this website - something the charity had never had before. 

It has been an amazing year with so much good work happening and being supported by the charity that hopefully this website can now start showing to the world.  To see for yourself some of the 2017/18 projects, look at our The Difference We Make page.

What are we going to do next?

2019 will see a wide variety of fundraising activities and appeals coming on line for Oxford Health Charity which I can't wait to see people get involved with.  This might be supporting Green Spaces, taking on a fundraising challenge for your local community hospital or art project or doing a sponsored music event for Lucy's Room - the only limit is your imagination!