We were very appreciative to receive a significant grant from the NHS Charities Together Covid-19 appeal.  On receipt of these funds we reached out to all our teams to find out how we could help them and their patients through this pandemic.  We were overwhelmed with the response and are working through many projects.  These have now been implemented:

Recovery and Renewal Days

We have been able to support a series of COVID-19 Recovery and Renewal Days organised by the Trust's Department of Spiritual & Pastoral Care which are running from August 2020 until January 2021.
The days are facilitated in such a way that groups are able to develop resources for self-compassion and self-awareness. The emphasis of each day is the development of psycho-social and psycho-spiritual wellbeing. The days are open to ALL staff whatever their faith, belief or philosophy of life.

Banishing boredom in our inpatient wards

During lockdown, sadly patients have been unable to receive visitors as they ordinarily would.  We are pleased to have offered all our inpatient wards a giftcard to purchase items such as games, Lego, arts/crafts material, puzzles, gardening equipment for those they are caring for.  

In addition our Creating with Care programme has been working on putting together anti-boredom packs for our older patients in our Community Hospitals.  Find out more 

New befriending phone line for carers

Looking after someone with a mental health illness, a physical health condition or a learning disability can be challenging. The impact of COVID-19 is likely to have made some carers feel even more isolated and alone.  Our new befriending phone line gives carers the opportunity to chat to a friendly voice. Find out more

Hello, my name is....

Under every PPE mask there is a friendly face, but for many of our patients the protective equipment can prove daunting. We are delighted to support the funding of special 'Hello My Name is' photo badges, which have been sent out to our inpatient wards. Find out more

Please check back to this page as we continue to add some of the projects we've been able to support throughout the pandemic.  

The Charity also launched the:

Oxford Health Cares Appeal

This appeal was to support our incredible teams working tirelessly across the region, to care for others. Thanks to donations from the community we were able to create Care boxes packed full of snacks, drinks, personal care items and treats to help boost morale. Find out more through our blogs:

Launch of appeal 
Thank you all!
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