I am taking part in the Henley swim festival on 11th July completing an 800metre swim in the Thames. As an individual with both physical and mental health disabilities, I am so pleased to have found open water swimming - it has changed my life. However it is still very new to me having started my training on 1st May!

My fundraiser will help to raise additional funds for Oxford Health, and give back to the Trust from which I benefited from my own journey to better mental health.

I now work as a Peer Support Worker based in Didcot, helping people in similar situations drawing and reflecting on my own journey, in the hope it will help others make small changes and inspire them to push through the challenges they face everyday.

My swim I hope, will help promote awareness of our Mental Health Services within our local community, in particular the Complex Needs Service that helped me just last year. 

Thankyou for your kind generosity help and support. Good health and happiness to you all.

Debbie Hill