I started running again with my wife, like many people, at our local park run a couple of years ago. During the first lockdown I began to run more and then read about the Race to the Stones in Vassos Alexander's book, Running Up That Hill, and the seed was sown!

As I look back, the wellbeing benefits of running through lockdowns, perhaps a minor midlife crisis (this is my 50th birthday year) and my desire to raise money for a cause I have been personally involved in has led to this 100km running adventure.

I chose the Oxford Health Charity Green Spaces Fund because I know the team well and have been involved in supporting them to create therapeutic gardens as part of my work for social enterprise, Chiltern Rangers CIC with the support of volunteers of all ages, including young people who have been helped by CAMHS. The difference these special places make to staff, patients and volunteers is touching and all the more important in these difficult times.

I want to run to raise more funds to enable these gardens to be well maintained and more gardens to be built. A nice coincidence is that the Race for the Stones runs through the geographical area that Oxford Health Charity serves. Take a look at a video of last summer's garden project at Abingdon Hospital to give you an idea of the kind of project that your donation could help make happen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVZg6MoMfK0

Paul Stack