Sophie is proud to work for Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust and has done for the last decade, as well as volunteering with them over the last 2 years. She's raising money for their charitable funds to help support staff wellbeing, special events and patient projects.

For those of you who know Sophie - she has always hated PE and would describe running as "torture"! Through lockdown she challenged herself and took on the C25K. This is her first 5k race.

Brittany has also increased her running through lockdown and was able to regularly run 10k each morning before work! She has inspired and supported Sophie to enter her first race. Brittany wants to raise money for the NHS to say a big thank you for all they have done this year! I think we can all agree with that...

COVID-19 has bought many challenges for the NHS but within Mental Health services we are only just really starting to see the huge impact lockdown and social distancing has had on people's mental health. We need your support more than ever!

Sophie Black