General Projects and Appeals


The charity has funded many projects completed by Artscape across Oxford and Buckinghamshire as well as paying for materials and resources that Artscape can use to run workshops with service users.

Projects in 2017/18 included stained glass windows in Multi Faith rooms, pictures on walls in wards and creative interventions such as workshops to create work to be displayed on the windows on Wenric ward.

Through the Artscape Fund we have been able to raise money directly for projects at Oxford
Health, including through the Warneford Chapel Concerts which have been a great way to
raise the profile of Artscape and raise money for the charity. This type of fundraising means that Artscape can respond to requests form staff for materials or support to create artwork with service users.


As a result of their amazing fundraising and community support, ROSY contributed over a quarter of a million pounds to the Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust to fund a team of full-time nurses and Health Care Assistants providing children’s respite nursing.  This provides a level of respite nursing care which would not be available through NHS funding and makes a significant difference to all those supported.  For more information on the ROSY fund, visit

Warneford Meadow Project 

A project team led by Dr Jane Fossey, Associate Director of Psychological Services, has been working on developing ways in which the Warneford Meadow can be utilised for therapeutic activities.  OHC were approached to support funding for both individual meadow based projects – like the purchase of bird boxes and gardening tools – and the fees for a consultant to direct activities.

One of the Health Care Assistants, Rumi Mohideen, from Vaughan Thomas Ward at the Warneford had been identified as having the right skills but needed the financial support to take on the tasks.  Since the funding was approved, Rumi has been working with patients on the wards as well as developing a group of volunteers from staff and members of the public to progress projects on the meadow and runs regular sessions for people to get involved.  Details of the projects and activities are detailed on the Warneford Meadow blog

Rumi’s activities have recently been commended to CEO Stuart Bell by the Chair of Response Giving and are making a big difference to patients both on his ward and others across the Warneford site.  He has also been able to start initiating fundraising through meadow activities with both apple juice and seeds now being sold for donations to the meadow projects.