2020 has been a busy year for Creating with Care.

We started 2020 with great plans to continue the our arts programme for Oxfordshire's Community Hospitals and develop the work we had achieved over the previous 3 years; we could not have imagined at the start of the year how the global pandemic would take hold and the implications this was going to have for staff, patients and their relatives.

During this time many of our projects were cut short, future ones shelved and we like everyone else had to reshape our plans for 2020, we needed to quickly learn how to be innovative in the delivery of arts-based activities in what has been and still is a challenging time for everyone.

Creating with Care responded creatively by delivering virtual concerts and art lessons, providing individual creative packs and art carts for each ward, we also offered one-to-one art sessions, garden concerts and supported patients with virtual calls to relatives and loved ones and staff projects including a memorial project to create a mosaic for a member of staff who passed away. 

Over the past year, Creating with Care co-ordinated donations of1000s of craft items for staff from laundry bags and scrubs to 100s of knitted Dr. Bears for the children of staff.

Creating with Care was honoured to win the 2020 Community Hospitals Association Award for Innovation and Best Practice in Improving Patient Care.

This year Creating with Care and Artscape joined forces to form Oxford Health Arts Partnership. This groundbreaking arts partnership aims to be a voice and influence for the arts in healthcare across the trust and beyond and has already been highlighted as a case study for the Culture, Health and Wellbeing alliance.

Together we aim to continue to demonstrate just how much cultural activities like art, dance, and music can enhance patient and staff wellbeing.

for further information on the past year please find our 2020 annual report here Annual Report

and link to our Patient Newsletter