Poppy Clementine is raising funds for our charity through her range of clothing embroidered with the word 'Courage'. The wording has been chosen to reflect her determination as she continues on her mental health journey.

A young woman who has battled mental health issues with the help of staff at Oxford Health’s Cotswold House in Marlborough, is now raising money from the sale of her own clothing range to raise funds for Oxford Health Charity and Mind.

Poppy Clementine, who is now 20, suffered a life-changing event at the age of 11 when her 13-year-old sister India passed away unexpectedly in her sleep. The trauma of this loss had a massive impact on her mental health, and this eventually resulted in her having long inpatient stays at Cotswold House, a unit that treats adults with eating disorders.

Oxford Health Charity funds projects that enhance the experience of those using services at Oxford Health, their carers and staff and any funds raised by Poppy will go towards making the staff area nicer and more comfortable.

Poppy is now confident and determined to get on with life and has launched a new clothing line with a range of T-shirts, sweatshirts and a baseball cap for children and adults.  Her new collection is called ‘Courage’, and each item is embroidered with that word as well as the strapline, ‘Thoughts not facts’.

She explains: “I designed the range to celebrate the courage that continues to guide me through my journey and that of anyone facing negative brain chatter. I also added an embroidered reminder that ‘Thoughts [are] not Facts.’ This is a mantra I remind myself of and repeat daily, that the thoughts that I have are just in my head and are often false and, hence, must be tried, tested and justified before I start to believe them.”

She continued: “The staff at Cotswold House really helped me and that is why I want to help them by giving half of any profits from the sale of my clothing range to Oxford Health Charity. They helped me to understand that things I sometimes think are not reality.”

Julie Pink, Head of Charity and Involvement at the Trust said: “We are honoured that Poppy has decided to support us and Cotswold House through the sale of her new ‘Courage’ clothes range. We all wish her the very best as she continues her recovery journey and builds on the struggles she still faces.  Her desire to help those staff who helped her by making their space nicer is extremely kind and generous of her.’

Poppy is now working in a plant-based cafe and as a nanny and is applying to go to university. In her spare time she likes to do yoga and travel. “With the support from the people around me I am on a new pathway but that doesn’t mean all is perfect. Yet I am ‘Faking it till I make it.’ I still face negative brain chatter daily and hence why I am filling my time to keep myself distracted and preoccupied.”

Visit Poppy's online shop here: By Clementine (couragebyclementine.myshopify.com)