The Highfield Unit, located at the Warneford Hospital in Oxford, cares for young people between 11-18 years with acute mental health needs. 

Oxford Health Charity supports the Unit by funding activities such as art therapy workshops and activities for patients including a pool table and games. However we are now looking to help with a larger project - the Highfield Garden. 

Current garden - photograph taken January 2021

The Highfield has a large garden area enabling inpatients to exercise and get some fresh air. However unfortunately the current garden area is unsuitable for all year-round use, and does resemble a mud bath for at least a few months, it is also infested with moles. 

The staff at the Highfield Unit have worked alongside some of the young patients to further develop plans for the garden with the main purpose of being able to use in all weathers, throughout the year. The plans include to: 

  • Install astroturf or artificial grass  
  • Install football goal posts and a basket ball net
  • Provide lighting to enable the garden space to be used later in the day
  • Raised planting beds to enable plants and vegetables to be grown therefore providing regular opportunities for gardening

A member of ward staff ‘It is well documented that poor physical health can negatively impact on mental health. Often this manifests itself in the young people at the unit in complex behavioural presentations - these young people need an area where they can 'let off steam' whilst remaining safe. We use the garden area for this purpose. It would therefore be beneficial to have an outdoor space that can be used throughout the year.’

If you can help us to provide an accessible and safe space for our young patients to exercise and socialise at The Highfield Unit please do show your support by donating to our appeal, or fundraising for this cause.