Support Sick Youngsters (Rosy)

David Gakuba

I admire the work it does providing respite care for so many families as well as providing essential equipment for children in needs, funding additional respite nursing care at home for children with chronic, life-limiting or terminal illnesses in Oxfordshire

Lejog walk for Rosy

Sarah Boddie

Because you are an amazing charity provided much needed help for families with sick children and you were unable to run your sponsored walk last year which I know is a major fundraiser.

Jake’s Oxford Half Marathon 2021

Jake Alder

I am running this half marathon to raise money for Oxford Health Charity who provide lots of important charity funding to Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust.

Oxford Half Marathon - for the Oxfordshire and West Mental Health Fund

Fin Williams

COVID has seen an increase in isolation for many people, and with this an increase in the demand for Mental Health services. I'm running to raise funds to help support the services that support us.

Running the Oxford Half Marathon for the Oxford Health Charity

Jonathan Barron

I am fundraising for Oxford Health Charity, because I believe they are a great charity that looks to help people in need.