Choosing to place your legacy with Oxford Health Charity will allow us to continue to work towards enhancing the lives of our patients, carers and their families. This may include providing equipment, facilities and training enabling Oxford Health to continue to deliver quality healthcare.

Who would you like to help?

You may wish to show your thanks to a particular ward or service, that has impacted your life, by leaving a gift to them.
Alternatively, you can leave a legacy to the Oxford Health Charity in general – in which case, we’ll make sure it goes to the fundraising appeal that most needs help at the time we receive your gift.
Either way, you can be sure that leaving money to us will help to better the lives of future generations receiving care from Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust.

Please seek professional advice

It’s important before making a change to your will, please speak to your solicitor. There are a number of different ways to leave money to charity and your solicitor will be able to advise which method would be best for you.

Leaving a gift to a charity in your will is a highly personal and private decision. However, if you’d like to discuss anything with us, we’d be happy to chat with you – please feel free to contact us [email protected]

Thank you for thinking of us