Our vision

Oxford Health Charity exists to support those receiving care and working with Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust.  We enhance patient, carer and staff experience through supporting projects, activities and training over and above that provided through the NHS.

Our mission

We make a difference across the Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust services by:

  • Listening to what our wards and teams need, and supporting them to introduce those projects
  • Engaging with partners who help people before and after they engage with Trust services
  • Supporting innovation and service improvement

What we do to deliver our mission

We are receptive to requests for funding and support throughout the year, encouraging teams to get involved and fundraise as well as access funding for projects.

In addition, our Charity Committee meets every quarter to review requests for funding over £10,000 and develop appeals for future innovative projects. 

Our values

These are the values that ensure we never lose sight of what we are trying to achieve:

Making a Difference to patient experience

Supporting but not replacing NHS funding