The Lucy’s Room project was instigated by Lucy’s family following her death in 2017.  The idea behind the development of a modular music room came from Lucy’s previous use of the music room in the Highfield Unit (a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Unit) which she was unable to access once she moved into Adult Mental Health wards.  The appeal seeks to assist with the provision of space for making or recording music for people receiving care through these wards.

Evidence has shown that music and being able to express your feelings using music has a positive impact on mental health, with articles like ‘The Healing Power of Music’ (William Forde Thompson & Gottfried Schlaug; Scientific American Mind 26, 32 - 41 (2015) Published online: 12 February 2015 | doi:10.1038/scientificamericanmind0315-32) highlighting its impact.

The British Association for Music Therapy website which shows that the use of music can help people to:

  • Feel more motivated
  • Express themselves creatively
  • Develop their social and communication skills
  • Gain greater awareness of self and others
  • Build their self esteem
  • Think about the impact music has on their lives
  • Become more confident in making choices
  • Feel that they are in a secure and accepting environment, where positive change can take place

By supporting the development of this room, you will be helping to provide a creative space for people to express themselves and seek solace in music.