The Positivity Pot supports patients, carers and staff within (CAMHS) Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services in Wiltshire, including the inpatient unit at Marlborough House in Swindon. 

The name 'Positivity Pot' was proposed by the young people at Marlborough House back in 2018 and this name was chosen as it represents what they hope the funds will give to them - a sense of positivity. 

Funds donated to the Positivity Pot go towards supporting activities, projects and equipment to enhance the experience of young people, their carers and staff.  Recent projects have included: 


Pre-COVID a group of young people from Marlborough House attended an indoor climbing session during the summer holidays to try out the activity, learn new skills, promote their resilience and build confidence.

“At first climbing was something daunting and unfamiliar however within the first session I was in love. To me climbing has become a way to clear my head and allows me to focus on the task at hand rather than my own worries and anxieties. Now I do a climbing session every other week to keep myself busy, distracted and fit...... I am grateful Marlborough House introduced this to me, it has changed my life for the better.”

“Climbing was so so fun! It distracted my mind and helped me relax and gave me excitement. Thank you! I think it would be amazing if other young people could enjoy the experience as well as it has a positive impact.”

Over Easter and Summer 2021 a series of art workshops have been planned. 


Digital Devices 

Charity funds have paid for a new CD player for the recreation room as well as iPads to enable patients to unwind, distract or connect with family.