Oxford Health Charity and Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust are working on a green spaces protocol alongside partners like BBOWT, the Royal College of Horticulture and the National Trust to increase access to green spaces for all those receiving care from the Trust. 

This might be through access to a ward garden, a vegetable patch or allotment, the beautiful Warneford meadow and wild flowers or it might be creating therapeutic activities in these spaces for people to take part in and explore.

Our most recent success has been the creation of the Abingdon Peace and Tranquility Garden at Abingdon Community Hospital alongside the team from Chiltern Rangers and co-funded by the Abingdon League of Friends.

It is evidenced that having access to green spaces can aid recovery, calm anxiety and evoke memories for those suffering from dementia and alzheimers but these spaces are often the last to receive funding as they do not fill an essential part of healthcare.  The Green Spaces Appeal provides an opportunity for you to change this and to make these places havens for those receiving care.

Local group Good Gym have supported the development of a new allotment and garden site for wards at the Warneford Hospital.