Kiki Chatzimatthaiou, Didcot Community Hospital 

Kiki volunteers at the Community Hospital in Didcot as well as supporting charity events.  She is hoping to progress into a career within Nutrition and Dietetics.

Kiki says about her volunteering:

"To begin with, volunteering is a great way to use my free time. Nothing can be compared to the feeling of the offer, that what I am doing can change someone's everyday life even a little for the better.

On a personal level, my participation helped me to socialise, to meet people from my community, to be informed and take part in events of the wider area such as concerts, marathons in combination with charity. To conclude, nowadays, volunteering is not the easiest thing to do, there is not enough time or motivation, but it's worth it every penny and everyone should try it at least once!"

Hemashu Kotecha, Community Fundraiser and one of Kiki's supervisors, says:

"Kiki has been great to have as a volunteer and helped me to set up and help run a stall at our fundraising events by engaging with the audience, she has been great to work with"