That familiar visit to the local can now be enjoyed by the gentlemen on Sandford Ward, thanks to the recent opening of the Wyfold Social Club.

Our male patients, who are over 65 and are experiencing severe mental health and/or dementia, can enjoy a space to relax and get together in comfortable and safe surroundings reminiscent of a social club, within the ward at Fulbrook Centre, Churchill Hospital in Oxford.


This was made possible thanks to a generous donation from Wyfold Charitable Trust made to Oxford Health Charity. The Sandford Ward staff were keen to recognise this, hence the name the ‘Wyfold Social Club’.  

Patients are now able to enjoy this space with pub-like furniture and furnishings including blackboards, posters and signage and the pub games such as cards, dominoes and a (magnetic) dart board. Also (plastic) tankards, and cocktail shakers to enjoy a (non-alcoholic) beverage alongside a packet of pork scratchings! But the most popular piece seems to be the juke box enabling the gentlemen to select and enjoy music of their choice. 

The Grand Opening took place on 27 May and coincided with Dementia Awareness Week.

Sandra Diesel, Activity Coordinator on Sandford Ward explained "The team felt that a social club would be a meaningful addition to the ward to spend time with the patients in a relaxed and familiar environment. From our Grand Opening it was noticeable how everyone felt more at ease and conversations were free-flowing. We are all looking forward to regularly being able to use the new Wyfold Social Club"

The gentlemen were also keen to give their feedback:  

“I found it very good – I liked playing darts”

“Everything about it is good, especially the jukebox”

“The jukebox is fantastic! I like that we can choose what music to listen to”