All the projects on this page have been made possible through the generous donations from Oxford Health Charity supporters. Thank you. 

Helping anxious patients brave the dentist's chair at Witney dental clinic

Funding from the Charity has made a big difference to soothing the anxieties of patients who are treated at Witney dental clinic with the addition of two new LED ceiling features. One is static and shows the sky with hot air balloons and the other can play a variety of nature-themed films which are designed to help soothe and distract. 

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Transformation of the waiting and treatment area at Abingdon Minor Injuries Unit for our younger visitors

The Children's waiting area and treatment zone have been transformed with funding with a new seaside themed mural depicting local landmarks and wall-mounted toys. 

Chief Nurse Marie Crofts (pictured right) hailed the area a fabulous success. “It’s so much better for our young patients and such a great example of the value that teamwork and what our wonderful charity can achieve.”

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A colourful welcome for all at Wallingford Community Hospital


Oxford Health Charity funded these colourful rainbow vinyls for the front doors and reception area.

"It is really brightening everyone's day that attends Wallingford, we have had so many compliments on the impact of the rainbows, they are very well loved so much already!"

Dementia-friendly clocks added to wards and patient rooms 

We purchased 28 large wall-mounted clocks for City Hospital, Oxford and Bicester Community Hospital. 

"The patients love the large clocks - they can now see what the day and date is. This is a great help for most of the patients who have eyesight issues and/or dementia."

"We do not have the funds on a ward level to fund these ourselves. Oxford Health Charity are great for this sort of thing, especially as it is for the patients and creating the best experience for them is what we are all here for."

Previously funded projects

Charity-funded 'Breathlessness' workshop gives fresh ideas for Heart Failure nurses 

Breathlessness, which is one of the most devastating symptoms for heart failure patients to live with. Whilst medication can help some, the community team were looking for other ways to support their patients. Find out more