With help from our generous supporters we have been able to develop, maintain and enhance the spaces around our hospital sites. 

Oxford Health Charity works alongside the Trust's Green Spaces Group and the Sustainability Steering Group in the development of these green spaces.

To mark NHS Sustainability Day the Charity also funded (through NHS Charities Together) the purchase of four trees that were chosen by specialist arborists to suit each location. The four trees chosen were a Sweet gum (Liquidambar Styraciflua); A cut leaved Alder (Alnus Glutinosa imperialis); Chinese Red birch (Betula Albosinesis) and a Acer Brandywine (Acer rubrum 'Brandywine'). The trees are planted in the following four locations respectively: Littlemore Mental Health Centre, the Whiteleaf Centre in Aylesbury, Marlborough House in Swindon and at the Warneford Hospital. 

Warneford Hospital - Wildflower Meadow

A wildflower meadow has been created on the hospital site with support from Oxford Health Charity through its Green Spaces Appeal

Donations to this fund have also supported other green projects taking place at numerous inpatient, community and staff settings - bringing nature into our everyday.

Abingdon Hospital - Peace and Tranquility Garden

The Peace and Tranquility Garden at Abingdon Community Hospital was brought to life by staff, volunteers and the team at Chiltern Rangers.  Images courtesy of Chiltern Rangers. The first image is the garden before the transformation and the photos of the wild flowers were taken after its first year.

Littlemore Hospital

Here funding from the charity has restored and revived the area outside to enable it to be used as a meeting space and there is also an area to grow herbs and plants.

New projects are being proposed regularly and we hope to see the creation of an outdoor gym, new sensory garden spaces and outdoor activity spots in the coming year. We couldn't do this without your support - thank you!