September 2021 marks the fourth annual HealthFest event for Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust and the Oxford Health Charity.

This year, the month-long event will have a focus on staff health and wellbeing with the theme of reflection and recovery. The Oxford Health family have worked extremely hard during the pandemic, facing the real impacts and risks of COVID-19, continuing to go above on beyond to care for our communities.

September is self-care month - a chance to remind us all that we need to look after ourselves too.

​The charity team, alongside Trust Health and Wellbeing and Communications teams have created a calendar brimming with fun, inspiration, and relaxation for clinical and non-clinical staff, volunteers and governors to access.  The sessions have been funded through the charity as part of our support for staff wellbeing and we are very thankful for all the session leaders involved:

Coaching Sessions are led by Natalie Davis  

The 'Wellbeing Girl' launched back in 2016. INatalie is a holistic wellbeing & life-coach and specialises in supporting the whole of you! She has a background in the physical activity sector and therefore feels strongly about bringing together emotional and physical health. Instead of just focusing on one aspect Natalie has a holistic approach and brings together all parts of you, whether that is spiritually, physically, emotionally, or mentally.

Seated Dance Sessions are led by Angela Conlan

​​​​​​Angela currently leads the award winning Creating with Care programme for Oxford Health (part of the Oxford Health Arts Partnership). She is a trained Dance Artist who specialises in delivering dance for older people her current work includes dancing with patients in acute and community hospital settings as well as in the community.

Origami Session led by Dr Lizzie Burns

​​​​​​Following a doctorate and research Fellowship in cancer research at the University of Oxford, Lizzie became a full-time science-based artist in 2002.  

Lizzie combines her background in science, art and teaching to develop workshops and events to inspire and encourage creativity. Lizzie works part-time for University College Hospital supported by the UCLH Charity providing support for patients and staff in Oncology. 

Indian Cookery Sessions are led by Maya Jose

Maya comes from Kerala, which is on the southern tip of India. It is a land where multiple cuisines co-exist and influences are blended with the locally available spices. Kerala gets its name from being the land of coconuts, hence there is a great influence of it in our cooking. As well as being a member of the Charity and Involvement Team at Oxford Health, Maya also has a blog -, which introduces and shares recipes that are made in her home. 

Gardening Sessions are led by Annabelle Padwick

​​​​​​Annabelle is the super passionate founder of gardening therapy organisation; Life at No.27.

She is also a professional gardener and wellbeing practitioner, supporting all clients that use their services across Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire. 

Yoga Sessions are led by Lizzie Daley and Emma Horwill

Lizzie is a wellness practitioner and part of The Wellbeing Generation team alongside Natalie Davis.  She aims to teach self-care mental and physical wellbeing techniques that delegates can learn and then take away to use in their everyday lives. 

Emma teaches with an open heart using warmth and a sense of humour.​  Her classes are a blend of hatha, vinyasa, yin and mindfulness; gentle, healing classes, but not without challenges! Attendees will leave the classes feeling refreshed, relaxed and healed, as well as gently toned and invigorated. Toning you from the inside out, mentally, physically & spiritually.
”I believe yoga should be for everyone, of any age” 

Military Fitness Sessions are led by John Dowling

John is an RAF veteran (having served 26 years prior to his retirement from the RAF in 2016) and is a physical training instructor as well as being an adventure training instructor.  He has been working with Be Military Fit since 2017 and is the lead instructor in Oxford as well as now leading courses in High Wycombe.  John is a keen sportsman and has been involved in all sorts of sports, he enjoys sharing his passion with those who attend the BMF sessions.

Art Sessions are led by Tom Cox

Tom is the Artscape project manager at Oxford Health (part of the Oxford Health Arts Partnership). He is a trained artist and has been running art workshops for 20 years. He is interested in working with people and helping them to access their own creativity.

We look forward to all the sessions taking place this month and will share some of the feedback next month.  Thank you to all those  who continue to support for our Trust staff, volunteers and governors.