Under every PPE mask there is a friendly face, but for many of our patients the protective equipment can prove daunting.

We are delighted to support the funding of special 'Hello My Name is' photo badges, which have been sent out to our inpatient wards.  

Our Patient Experience & Involvement Team manager, Donna Mackenzie-Brown explained: “We want to improve the experiences of patients when staff are wearing PPE. It can be very daunting when the care you are receiving is delivered by someone in a face mask. These badges serve to remind patients that there is a friendly face beneath the mask and they can see who is caring for them.

One of the first to get them was Sandford Ward, at the Fulbrook Centre, Oxford, which assesses and treats men over the age of 65 who are experiencing severe mental health, and/or living with dementia.Sandra Diesel

Sandra Diesel, activity coordinator really likes her badge. "I worried that patients couldn't tell if I was smiling when I'm in my PPE, but in my photo I always am. It also helps that the photos match with those on the Ward Staff board so it's more familiar for the people we are looking after."