Young people from The Highfield Unit based at the Warneford Hospital in Oxford, have created a stunning new mosaic thanks to funding from Oxford Health Charity. The mosaic was created with the help of artist, Becky Paton and depicts the world as seen from space surrounded by a glowing halo.

The new mosaic was made during the Easter holiday, and was the first time a visiting artist returned to the Highfield since the height of the pandemic, a return very much welcomed by staff and patients alike.  

Arts projects are always well received at the Highfield, especially when the school is not open as Tom Cox from Artscape explains, “During the holidays the young people can get bored easily. In term time they have school and then groups after school to keep them occupied. The holidays are a good time to have a break but sometimes the time can drag. Having a mosaic project gives them a focus and something rewarding to work on together. Both the staff and the young people enjoy it.”

The staff also enjoy the art projects and can see the benefit for the young people. Kirsty Gawthorne is the Senior Occupational Therapist at the Highfield she said “Collaborating with Becky and the young people on these projects is a guaranteed success, year on year. The young people learn valuable skills, which they can continue developing beyond their time in hospital. The project allows a space for self expression, and an opportunity to be a part of a legacy of artwork on the building”.

The new mosaic depicts the world seen from space. It was designed by one of the young people on the unit following a group design session. The idea was to fill a gap in the mosaic wall on the unit.

Tom Cox added "Making mosaics is an activity that the young people really enjoy and they get on well with the artist Becky. Working over a number years means that the young people get to contribute to an ongoing piece of art that has develops slowly with different ideas and influences. The mosaics will be there for years to come and help to inspire and encourage new people on the unit."