Oxford Health Charity were pleased to be able to support all Oxford Health inpatient wards who wished to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III on 6th May 2023. Despite the typical British weather, staff across the Trust certainly did their patients proud – not only by decorating wards with bunting, flags, balloons etc. but also by hosting a wide range of activities and celebrations across the bank holiday weekend.       

From coronation arts & crafts, games and quizzes, bingo and memorial planting to baking, afternoon tea parties, cocktails and BBQs, dancing, karaoke and a free prize draw, patients thoroughly enjoyed taking part in their coronation festivities both indoors and out.


These events not only offered all those who attended the chance to celebrate this royal occasion but also provided opportunities for closer engagement between patients and staff in more relaxed and social settings.

Speaking to Oxford Health Charity after the event, several staff members commented that, without charity funding, it would not have been possible to hold their planned activities and, as a result, their patients would have missed out on celebrating such a special event. The charity team are delighted to hear that, with their support, wards were instead full of smiles, chatter, fun and laughter throughout the weekend.

Below is just a snapshot of the positive feedback we have received from patients and staff, starting with a poem written by one of the residents at Cotswold House, Oxford. This beautiful note of thanks was inspired by the purchase and planting of commemorative flowers in the unit's garden, made possible through our coronation funding: 

Cotswold House, Oxford; Poem of Thanks 

“...the garden has now become very welcoming for everyone. Patients are spending more time outdoors and they love admiring the hydrangea and talking about all things royal and culture around this. This week, we have commenced facilitating more groups in the garden as it is so lovely and colourful. Patients have given very positive feedback and a big thank you to this charity.”


“Thank you very much for supporting us with this event. Both patients and staff enjoyed it and this would not have been possible without your help with the charitable funds.”

“It was such a special moment. Staff and patients coming together to celebrate a unique day, which all of us will remember; delicious food, lots of laughter with the karaoke and a togetherness which will hold memories forever more.”


“Good food, good fun, great atmosphere.”

 “People have had an opportunity to see family and friends...[the] whole room was filled with smiles and laughter.”          


“Can’t ever remember enjoying myself so much. I don't get out much, nor have many friends, so this was such an amazing experience – I won’t forget it.”

“Amazing day, nearly forgot I was in hospital!”

“I've had an incredible time; we've made memories together and had fun.”           

“It was a bit like Christmas playing games and having food.”            


“The food we had was delicious, I liked the quiches we made.”

“I worked the Coronation Day on the ward & the raffle was very well received & the patients said that they felt that they had been treated like Royalty themselves.”

“I liked being given a coronation mug that I can keep to remember the day.”

Oxford Health Charity are thrilled to see that our funds helped so many across the Trust enjoy such a fantastic array of celebratory activities to mark this historic occasion. We’d also like to say a huge thank you to all ward staff for making the weekend so memorable for their patients and visitors.