Oxford Health Charity and the Oxford Health Arts Partnership have launched a new pilot project at Didcot and Abingdon Community Hospitals this week, as part of our arts in hospitals programme.

The project seeks to provide patients with a creative link between their time in hospital and their return home with the provision of creative discharge packs.  This pilot project has been funded by Vale of White Horse and South Oxfordshire District Councils.

The packs have been put together with the help of patients and are now ready to take home on discharge.  They contain relaxing creative activities to do at home, like drawing and painting, as well as links to local creative groups. The main aim of the pilot scheme is to improve patient well-being and reduce feelings of isolation post-discharge.

Initial feedback from patients has been very positive, with many expressing their thanks for the opportunity to engage in creative activities during their recovery process.

"I think this is innovative, fun, and will occupy bored minds, and there is a diverse amount of items."  

"I love craft; it's great to have craft for people, plus this caters to everyone, and everyone is different."

"These activities give you choice."

"Thank you to whoever funded these packs."


Your support for the Arts in Healthcare Appeal makes these types of projects possible.