We’d like you to meet the inspirational Zoe. In her late teens Zoe became an inpatient at Cotswold House in Marlborough, after suffering from Anorexia Nervosa, an eating disorder and mental health condition. We are so pleased to hear from Zoe again, as she continues to grow from strength to strength, and even now helps others as a physiotherapist. She’s also chosen to support our Charity and undertook an Ultramarathon challenge to say thank you to the team who cared for her. 

Zoe explained “This ultra challenge is my way of properly saying ‘good riddance’ to anorexia, that destroyed my life (and that of my family) for nearly four years. But also a huge ‘thank you’ to the team at Cotswold House for believing in me, supporting me, and caring for me during the darkest moments of my eating disorder. Without them I truly believe I would not be sat here today”

Zoe smashed the 54km (34 mile) Maverick x Adidas Terrex Ultra Marathon along the breath-taking Jurassic Coast in October, and has raised an incredible £1,481. The donations are placed in our Oxfordshire and West Mental Health Fund, and we are working with the team at Cotswold House, Marlborough on how we can help them.

Vicky Bradley, Acting Modern Matron at Cotswold House, Marlborough expressed her gratitude “Huge thank you to Zoe, our ex-patient, who has done fantastically well by raising this money for us. We appreciate this so much and are really looking forward to getting our thinking caps on with our current group of patients as to how best we can spend this money to enhance and improve their experience with us. Raising such a sum will inevitably help us to improve what we offer as a unit and it is so nice to read the kind words about the care that Zoe received with us, a reminder to us all of the reason why we do what we do. In terms of running an ultramarathon – wow – what an achievement! Well done Zoe!”