Staff Wellbeing Projects

Resilience Training

The Older People’s Directorate introduced a set of resilience training sessions for their staff following funding agreed by the Charity Committee. The aim of the workshops were to:

  • Help team members feel well equipped to manage their energy and wellbeing, and to support their colleagues
  • Help people understand why they may react differently to stress, and what we can do to support them
  • Learn practical methods to apply to teams under pressure

They also provided a space to talk through personal approaches to stress management and reflect on how stress impacted on them in and out of the workplace.

The initial workshops carried out during 2017/18 supported 140 people in the community hospital sites and the feedback from attendees was positive.  Most feedback showed increased feelings of resilience following the workshops and a better understanding of how to manage stress for themselves and others.  The training has been recognised as having a positive impact on staff wellbeing and other directorates have been developing their own approaches to resilience training throughout the year.