Celebrating Nutrition & Hydration Week

We supported different activities on some of our adult mental health wards to emphasise the importance of healthy eating and keeping hydrated. From smoothie tasting, fruit salads and flapjacks Find out more

Managing Suicidal Thoughts booklet produced

We funded the production of a valuable booklet on managing and overcoming suicidal thoughts through the Suicide Prevention team. Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust crisis team professionals now have copies of these bright colourful and interactive booklets to work through with patients and to support those being discharged from the wards.  Find out more

The Wyfold Social Club

Men on the Sandford Ward can now visit their local without even leaving the building as they now have their own 'pub' thanks to a generous donation from the Wyfold Charitable Trust made to Oxford Health Charity. The social club has been named in its honour. 


Located at the Fulbrook Centre at Churchill Hospital, the Sandford Ward is an inpatient ward for men over 65 who are experiencing severe mental health problems and/or dementia.

The space has pub-like furniture and furnishings including blackboards, posters and signage. They can play the usual pub games such as cards, dominoes and darts as it has a magnetic dart board.

Whoever is 'landlord' can serve drinks in plastic tankards, and the men can have a go at 'mixology' using the cocktail shakers to enjoy a non-alcoholic beverage alongside a packet of pork scratchings! But the most popular piece of equipment is the juke box enabling the men to select and enjoy music of their choice. 

Sandra Diesel, Activity Coordinator on Sandford Ward explained: "The team felt that a social club would be a meaningful addition to the ward to spend time with the patients in a relaxed and familiar environment. From our Grand Opening it was noticeable how everyone felt more at ease and conversations were free-flowing. We are all looking forward to regularly being able to use the new Wyfold Social Club."

Bringing music to people on mental health wards

Funding from the Charity enabled live music to be brought to the staff and patients at Littlemore Mental Health Centre in Oxford. Each week musicians from the Orchestra of St John's performed a mini 30 minute outdoor concert with staff and patients enjoying a diverse range of genre and instruments including classical, jazz and film music; and instruments ranging from the harp to the clarinet.

A bag of one's own

On occasions patients arrive at our mental health inpatient units with their belongings in a bin bag. To help maintain dignity, the Charity purchased some duffle bags for patients to use to take their belongings home when they leave our inpatient units.

Making our clinical spaces less 'scary' for young people  

Feedback from children and families who use the Oxfordshire Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) Neurodevelopment Conditions (NDC) service said they found the clinical spaces sparse and boring, sometimes scary and likened it to feeling like a hospital. 

To help to make the area more interesting and appealing to young people with autism/ADHD and their families Oxford Health Charity supported the purchase of these large tree decorations. All the rooms now have tree names and it is called the Forest Unit. 


A Ramble with Rhinos

Marlborough House in Swindon is both a day and an inpatient unit for children and young people with mental health problems. There is a school onsite and follows the national curriculum. Like many schools it offers school trips to enrich their learning experience. Oxford Health Charity were delighted to support the children and young people at Marlborough House with a visit to Cotswold Wildlife Park & Gardens. Read the full story