Dedicated Dez Dover, a former service user, gathered together a group of friends last week to take on climbing an impressive 3407m within 6 hours. The sponsored climb, the equivalent height of the three highest peaks in the UK, was organised to help raise funds for Oxford Health Charity’s Early Intervention Service (EIS) climbing fund.

Dez explains “As a former service user, I am personally aware of how much this climbing group can help people who have difficulty dealing with mental health issues. Being involved with, and now as a voluntary instructor for groups, I have been able to, not only help manage my own mental health better, but also share my experience and hopefully help others in working on their management and recovery with their own mental health issues. I’d like to say a special thanks to the teams at the Warneford Hospital and Brookes Climb for your much needed and continued support in helping people in the community that battle daily with poor mental health.” 

Carl Beasley, EIS Care Coordinator told us “We would like to thank everybody who participated in the sponsored climb. A special thank you too, to Dez who organised the event and who volunteers his time each week to instruct the EIS and Coasters climbing groups.

The EIS climbing group has been a positive part of the recovery journey for many of our service users. The climbing fund helps to pay for replacement equipment so that the group can continue running.”

We are delighted Dez and team completed their challenge within the 6 hours, and have raised a fabulous £383 for our EIS climbing fund.

Thank you!