Outside - In, is a pilot intergenerational arts project, with patients from Didcot community Hospital and young people from Didcot Girls’ School supported by Oxford Health Arts Partnership, Oxford Health Charity, South Oxfordshire District Council and the Cornerstone Arts Centre.

The project which has been developed by our Artist in Residence, Dionne Freeman, who has worked individually with both groups. Encouraged the young people to photograph their outside spaces, explore different observational drawing techniques and create sketchbooks to inform a final canvas.

All the images and artwork produced were then shared with the patients at the Community Hospital. Work was then shared from the patients in response to the students work with the young people.

Dionne said "this is a great example of the importance of intergenerational work, highlighted through one young person who felt under confident with her photographs. The patient who worked from her photograph took so much enjoyment from spending time observing and painting from it. It really boosted her confidence and that in turn boosted the patients’ confidence and there was a great sense of respect from both groups towards one another." "The students were thoughtful in their comments and reflections on the collaboration and embraced the opportunity to respond to the green spaces around them - despite the rain!"

The finished artwork will be exhibited at The Cornerstone Arts Centre in Didcot during May.

The patients have enjoyed the connection with the school and spending time with the young people's vision of green spaces.

Student quotes

Being outside and experiencing the outdoors is about
being free
I have enjoyed doing something different
I did not think I could paint
I have liked thinking about other people

Patient quotes
It feels good to be part of something
It is so nice to feel connected to the children and feel like
I’m being useful
I like contributing to something
This has made me feel useful
Confidence is fragile at any age
I have enjoyed looking at this young person’s photography. It has touched me.

Oxford Health Arts Partnership, supported by Oxford Health Charity is now hoping to fundraise for a longer term project.  To support the project, and others like it, you can donate through our Oxford Health Arts Partnership appeal.