The Charity Committee meets four times a year and is responsible for reviewing the activity of the charity, approving large projects and developing fundraising appeals/strategies.

To contact the committee, send an email to [email protected]

Committee Members

The Committee is made up of a number of voting members who are responsible for ratifying decisions and reporting to the Corporate Trustee and non-voting members who engage with and influence the work of the charity.

Voting Members

  • Oxford Health Non-Exec Director - Chris Hurst
  • Oxford Health Non-Exec Director - Sue Dopson
  • Oxford Health Chair - awaiting appointment
  • Oxford Health Director of Nursing (interim) - Helen Green and Kate Riddle
  • Oxford Health Chief Operating Officer - Dominic Hardisty (Service Directors for the operational directorates represent Dominic at the meetings and vote on his behalf)

Non-Voting Members

  • Oxford Health Director for Corporate Affairs and Company Secretary - Kerry Rogers
  • Community Involvement Manager - Julie Pink
  • Oxford Health Charity Administrators - Sue McKinnon and Willem De Villiers-Corrigan (Kingston Smith)
  • Oxford Health Finance Manager - Michael Williams
  • External Member - Olga Senior