The Oxford Health Charity (OHC) (charity number 1057285) sits alongside Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust and aims to provide funds which enhance the experience of patients, carers, families and staff receiving support or working for the Trust.

The following statements outline the key principles that OHC follows:

  1. The charity cannot fund anything that is part of essential NHS service delivery.
  2. All charitable spend is required to evidence how the patients experience of the Trust will be enhanced.
  3. Where a legacy or restricted fund exists, the requirements of that legacy must be adhered to.
  4. All expenditure must follow adhere to agreed governance structures and demonstrate fairness and equity in delivery.


Funding in recent years has enabled projects as diverse as art activity equipment for patients to the development of an app for Female Genital Mutilation awareness; ward books to the delivery of Directorate level training on personal resilience; refurbishment of waiting areas and gardens to attendance on conferences.  The scope of funding is as wide as the coverage of the Trust itself as can be seen in the list of funds provided in the Governance section.


The Trustees of OHC are formed from the Board of Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust and they have overall responsibility for the management of the charitable funds.  All expenditure by OHC is subject to scrutiny by the Charity Commission, HM Revenue and Customs and internal/external audits.  OHC also works within the guidelines of the Charity Governance Code and as such must be open and transparent about how it spends the money donated and that all funds are spent appropriately, demonstrating value for money, and in line with the ethos of the Trust and OHC.