Annual Report

Our current annual report (2022-23) is available to view here: 


Oxford Health Charity is registered with the Charity Commission and historic annual reports can be found through their website on:

Oxford Health Charity - Charity Commission

Donation Acceptance Statement

Oxford Health Charity recognises that we cannot achieve our charitable objectives without donations or seeking opportunities for funding through grants.  However, we also recognise that we have a duty to ensure that those donations or grants do not negatively impact on the reputation, best practice or legal requirements of the charity.

Donations will be actively monitored and where concerns relating to the following are flagged, the donation will be passed to the Charity Committee and/or Corporate Trustee for review:

  • Funds have been obtained illegally or through unethical approaches
  • Risk to charity or Trust integrity and reputation
  • Conflict of interest with the charity or Trust
  • Doubt over the mental capacity of the donor
  • The donation has been made to the wrong NHS Charity (due to shared geography and overlapping services with other NHS Trusts)
  • The donation would require reciprocal endorsement which may be detrimental to reputation, patient care and/or staff
  • The donation is over £25,000, has not been sought through a grants process and comes from a previously unknown source (checks on donations of this size are required by the Charity Commission and will need to be reported on)

Any donations that are refused or returned will be logged with a full explanation of the process followed and justification for the decision, in line with the Fundraising Code of Practice.

Ethical Investment Statement 

Oxford Health Charity recognises the importance of ensuring charitable funds subject to investment are managed in an ethically responsible manner.  OHC work closely with their investment portfolio managers to ensure that all investments meet the standards agreed by the Charity Committee and that these are reviewed on a bi-annual basis.