Connect and Care for You is a six week programme of virtual wellbeing sessions - aimed at supporting Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust staff.  It has been made possible by funding through NHS Charities Together and our own Oxford Health Cares appeal as well as the amazing presenters - Natalie, Lizzie, Annabelle, Maya, Tom, Angela and Emma.

Each attendee is asked to feedback on what the programme has meant to them and we have gathered together some of their comments below:

“I had an absolute ball, it was great fun and blinking marvellous…..This was the best yet, I cannot tell how much I enjoyed it. It finished off a rubbish week with a big fat fab fun blast. Thank you so much more like this please. Still smiling now hours after the session.” Attendee at Seated Dance

"I felt determined to put some of the ideas into practice. Positive that I could accomplish it and motivated to take care of myself." Attendee at Wellness Session


"I felt like I'd had a real break from work" Attendee at Mindful Doodling

"I feel so lucky to have been offered such a thing by my Trust. I really feel as though we have been listened to about the need for self care and wellbeing and this is a creative option that fits well with my own personal interests. Thank you, thank you, thank you for offering us such a thing! And so that the timings fit around work commitments. It was lovely to take an hour before work just to focus on myself. It felt like I had 'permission' to do this and protected time that I would have otherwise filled (in a less productive or fulfilling way!)" Attendee at Wellness Session

"Please can this continue its doing wonders for my mental health and really helping through this difficult time. I think making space for this is so important!" Attendee at Wellbeing through Art 

"This was friendly and clear teaching, a very refreshing session." Attendee at Gardening for Wellbeing

"It was great and think more initiatives like this should exist to remind the employee to stop and take a time to take care of themselves." Attendee at Wellness Session

"Invested in, excited and content" Attendee at Indian Cookery

Thank you to everyone who has made this programme possible - you have really made a difference to NHS staff at this difficult time.  To find out more about Oxford Health Cares - read our updates through the appeal pages and blogs.